From 5 persons to 40 persons

I arrange activities for groups.

Let me know what you are interested in and I will make a proposal for you. 

An alternative - Choose activities after which seasons it is 

Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn 

Or choose what you are interested of or want to learn more about;

Learn & experience the Sámi culture 

Meet & feed reindeer 

Visit our beautiful churches 

Visit museums and learn about the local cultures

Eat local food at one of the best restaurant in Kirunas

Experience our amazing nature 

Learn about the place Kiruna/Lapland 

See The city that is moving 

Visit local people & take part of their handicrafts 

Try to fish in the Torne River or Torne Lake 

A nice moment in the nature around the fire 

Gather berries & herbs 

Learn how to cook wild meat 

Learn how to survive out in nature

Try skiing

Call or email me;
Guide Ida-Maria 0046 702255904