SápmiLIFE is a small Sámi company. 
The company's vision knowledge creates understanding.
Visit our backyard were we have our traditional ten tipi (lávvu) and I will share our daily life with you and at the same time you will get the opportunity to feel, taste and smell on the Sámi traditional way. 
The first priority for my company is the meeting between people. The activity is adapted for everyone. It doesn't matter if your are short or long, a European or Chinese, blue or brown eyes, everyone is welcome!
The personal meeting happens with everyone that visit me and it's about give and take, therefore I communicate with my guests on a personal way and everyone is uniq for me.
We are a Sámi family and reindeerherders. We follow the reindeer from the forest up to mountains through eight seasons.
I started my company because I wanted to learn other people about our Sámi life, the Sámi culture.
I share our way of life with you "a sustainable way of life"